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Steve Twin 1987 3.2 Carrera turbo conversion

I became aware of Turbo Thomas years ago via some mates who knew him from the Vee Dub scene. I was looking for someone to build me a one-of-a-kind, custom exhaust for my air cooled Porsche track car. It meant starting from scratch, building the thing up on the car and routing it to work with my installation.

A couple of must haves...first I wanted race headers to maximise flow, but didn't want to lose the ability to heat the car, second it must pass strict track day noise limits without losing power and lastly I wanted to move the exit point to the right hand side of the car. All these points were met, plus the thing looked great,  Rich working on the build and installation 'til 10:30 at night so I didn't have to make another journey back to him. Great dedication and customer service.

His attention to detail and welding skills are superb. If you're in the market for a quality custom exhaust take a trip to Redditch, you won't be disappointed.